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Candy merchandiser Jamin to double in ten years

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

OOSTERHOUT – The well-known Dutch confectionery and candy chain Jamin has been awarded the designation Royal court supplier, an honourary title reserved for highly reputable firms who survive economic and other turbulences for at least 100 years. It was left to Oosterhout’s Mayor to make the presentation on the 125th anniversary of Jamin. Far from suffering the effects of old age, the chain has announced that it is planning to double the number of its outlets to 300 during the next ten years. Founded by Boxmeer-born Cornelis Jamin, the chain is now owned by an investors group, which has launched the Jamin Lekker concept. At its peak, the chain operated 600 outlets. In recent decades, however, it was not able to meet the competition from supermarkets, putting it on an outlet-reducing course and towards new owners.