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Usage of ecoduct by animals called a success

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

HILVERSUM Research has shown that the Hilversum-area ecoduct at Crailoo is a success. The 800-metre long structure bridges a secondary road, a railway, a business park and a sports park and was used by over 6,000 deer, nearly 6,000 bunnies and about 3,000 foxes. Frogs and toads and various rare animal species left traces of their trek across the ecoduct, which was opened three year ago by Queen Beatrix. Researchers created four wide patches of sand, which they raked each day after counting and identifying the footprints of the animals that had passed over the bridge. The frogs and toads could hide under sheets of wood, which were regularly lifted up for closer inspection. Infrared devices recorded the number of people using the ecoduct, whether walking or bicycling. Whether the presence of humans scares away animals is as yet unknown.