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Museum Infatuate recalls fierce battles in Scheldt estuary

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

NIEUWDORP – The Battle of the Scheldt does not register with most (former) residents of the northern Dutch provinces. The lack of a free press during the German occupation shielded the public from objective coverage of one of the most protracted battles of the 1944 campaign, largely by Canadian troops, along the Flemish coast and the Scheldt estuary. The Germans fought desperately to keep the Scheldt, and its access to the port of Antwerp, from falling into Allied hands. The story of that battle in the Fall of 1944 will be exhibited at he Nieuwdorp’s Museum Infatuate, named after the military campaign which was known by that code. The museum has been closed for renovations and will be reopened in late October.