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Nijntje celebrates birthday with new website launch

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

UTRECHT One of the most widely known Dutch characters has turned 54. The birthday was marked by the launch of a new website for Nijntje Pluis, the creation of illustrator Dick Bruna. The website features a range of educational games in Dutch and may be one tool to teach young children a few words of Dutch. Much like Dutch immigrant Jaap, who is known abroad as Jack, Nijntje is known in the English speaking world as Miffy (see also Dick Bruna, who turned 82 on August 23, developed his character after seeing a small bunny hopping around coastal abode while on vacation with his family in 1955. Nijntje (a contraction of the Dutch noun konijntje) plays a leading role in over 30 children books, the latest being Queen Miffy. Dick Bruna authored over 120 children books and created covers for about 1800. He can still be seen going to work on his bicycle.