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Foreigners weigh the Netherlands and its hospitality

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE – Foreigners visiting generally view the Netherlands as a hospitable destination, very well suited for a short vacation. These tourists also are very open to the idea of a return visit. In the most recent research it appears that German and English visitors have become more positive about the Netherlands for a vacation than was the case in a 2004 study. Belgians have moved the other way, they have become more critical. The study found that these neighbours as well as the French and the Americans, all see the Netherlands as the country of tulips, cheese and windmills. Americans find the Dutch easy going and discount distances because everything in the country is nearby. The study of 5,000 interviews also discovered that the Americans and the British thinks that the Netherlands is expensive. Belgians and Germans deem it ‘gezellig’ and a good destination for a family holiday. Belgians and the French are not impressed with Dutch cuisine but the latter really do not visit for that reason, it is the culture that lures them. Most of the visitors each see a negative side to the Dutch, but fail to agree which rates worst: Germans complain about illicit drug usage and biases, Belgians find the Dutch too loud, arrogant, stingy and obtrusive while the French poorly rate the inability of the Dutch to master their language.