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Ironcast natural gas lines called an uncontrollable risk

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AMSTERDAM – The Dutch Research Council for Safety (its Dutch acronym is OVV) has issued a warning that the country’s aging grey ironcast natural gas pipelines need to be replaced urgently. The main pipelines built with this material break too easily in situations where the soil is sagging. The council calls it an uncontrollable risk for civilians. Earlier this year, an explosion occurred in such a line at an apartment complex. In 2002 there was a similar explosion in the Dutch capital. The council notes that the sagging of soil often occurs due to rising traffic volume and large-scale building project construction. These risks have been known for decades already but natural gas providers have yet to announce plans for the replacement of their out-dated cast iron lines. This material was used in lines until 1970 and outlawed in 1994. The authorities should set target dates with the natural gas providers for upgrading these lines, the council recommends.