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3-D death cell 601 to be launched online

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

DEN HAAG - New technology will soon ‘open’ one of the best guarded Dutch historical sites to the public. The WWII historical site in question is death cell 601 at the ‘Oranjehotel,’ the Scheveningen penitentiary. Although a historical site, few people have received the opportunity to visit it. Even former resistance members who were once imprisoned in the Oranjehotel have difficulties gaining access to the jail cell. With 3-dimensional and digital photography, the cell will be accessible on the Internet by July 2009. Over 200 resisters who were held in the penitentiary after they were condemned to death by the Nazis, usually spent their final night in cell 601, from where they would be taken to the nearby Waalsdorpervlakte to be executed. A number of the prisoners inscribed their farewells on the walls of the cell.