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Dutch enthusiasts ran the longest model train in the world

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ROTTERDAM – Running the railway on time takes a good system, skill and precision. Setting up a model railway, as many enthusiasts do in basements and garages, probably takes more effort and patience than running a real railroad system. Once a model system runs, amateurs often strive for new challenges, such as running the longest model passenger train in the world. A recent attempt at a world record was successfully concluded at the Railz Miniworld in the Dutch port city where a 16-metre long train, weighing 12 kilograms, ran the required course. Over ten enthusiasts entered their rolling stock for the record-setting effort. Märklin model enthusiast and Porsche-topman Wendelin Wiedeking probably outscores everyone else on any model train loyalty chart: he rescued the bankrupt model train maker so fans are assured ongoing supply.