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Dutch biker describes travel in India as a suicide mission

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HARDENBERG – An enthusiastic biker from this eastern Dutch city returned home safely in time for Christmas after an epic trip across the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe. Jan Mulder and a small group of fellow riders spent over four months on the road and traveled a total of about 32,000 kilometres. From New York, they took a route that went some hours through Canada on the way to California. Mulder, who had outfitted his BMW with a larger fuel tank, floodlights and heated handles, reported his experiences online at from internet cafes on the way, so interested fans, including his wife and family, could share in his exhilarating adventure from the comfort of their homes. Countries such as Nepal, Pakistan and India left deep impressions on the world traveler. He described India’s chaotic traffic as being akin to a suicidal mission. Mulder never had so much as an upset stomach during his sometimes extremely frigid journey, but came down with a cold as soon as he got home.