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Dual nationality issue keeps returning to political agendas

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE The controversy over immigrants who take out Dutch citizenship but also hold onto their original nationality as well, is back in the news in the Netherlands. The plan to pare back the number holding dual citizenship has broad support, also in circles where they are not as convinced that it causes a problem. There is less clarity on how to achieve the reduction, especially since there are quite a few groups who are not part of the target audience. The legislation by former Minister Rita Verdonk was far more sweeping, the reason why the Dutch Labour party PvdA is content to see it dropped. It wants to remove the questions of loyalty and integrity from the issue of dual citizenship and apply common sense. PVV, the fraction headed by controversial leader Geert Wilders, os of the opinion that all foreigners who become Dutch should drop their original nationality. Conservative liberal VVD also leans toward that approach.