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River town Rhenen to celebrate 750 years as a city

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RHENEN – The Utrecht city on the banks of the Rhine will create a dedicated foundation to take charge of plans for its 750th anniversary celebrations coming up next year. The municipality reasons that such festivities will put the spotlight on the town, hopefully generating positive economic growth in the local economy. The anniversary program of events will probably continue over a two-month period. One of the greatest threats to the city occurred in May 1940, when the nearby defense line at the Grebbeberg was attacked by the invading German army and a battle fierce ensued which inflicted much damage throughout the area. Rhenen’s most significant growth took place during the past 150 years. There is still some speculation about Rhenen’s birthdate as a city. The oldest document referring to city rights points to 1258, but no one disputes that Rhenen existed well before that year.