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Traffic to Dutch online encyclopedia quadruples in two years

Wikipedia Nederland popular reference

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DEN BOSCH, the Netherlands – Traffic to the Dutch version of online encyclopedia Wikipedia continues to grow unabated. Wikipedia Nederland now is the sixth most-visited Dutch website. The Dutch reference site still has further growth potential, notes online researcher Multiscope in its analysis.

In two years time the volume of visitors to Wikipedia has quadrupled, a phenomenon similar to that of Marktplaats which is the popular venue for merchandise and services in Dutch-speaking Europe and of Startpagina, a platform of numerous links. One in three Dutch internet users consult Wikipedia a minimum of three times a month, although it also is noted that the website’s domain name has not yet achieved a high recognition factor.

Multiscore found that Wikipedia visitors rate the website a respectable 8.1 out of a maximum of ten. The no-charge site holds 220.000 articles and is linked by 44.000 others, evidence that it has become a fixture in the Dutch segment of www. The website earns praise as being very up-to-date but could be more accurate, reports Multiscope. The firm also cautions that the website is vulnerable to manipulation by those posting updates to the articles.