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Footsteps and Fingerprints Footsteps and Fingerprints

The Legacy of a Shared History

by Van Golen, Cees Jan

Over 400 years ago, the United Republic of the Dutch province made contacts in every cormer of the globe upon which they built their economic structure. Many of the centuries-old relations are still traceable today: in museums and archives, in open fields or in cities, in historic images. This book provides an overview of the Dutch heritage traces in Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Surinam and South Africa that survived the centuries. A number of top heritage sites are examined more closely in this book including: The station Tandjung Priuk in Jakarta, the Dutch Reformed Church in Sint-Petersburg as well as the Avondster in Sri Lanka.

Paperback, 144 pages, Enhanced with 100 illustrations, Special import, only a few copies remaining

USD 22.95 / CAD 29.95

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