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William, by the Grace of God William, by the Grace of God

A Novel on William the Silent, Prince of Orange Nassau, Vol.2

by Marjorie Bowen

The sequel to Prince and Heretic. In an attempt to regain his control of the Lowlands, King Philip II of Spain is prepared to make any concession, except that of freedom of conscience and worship. This unwillingness leaves William of Orange no alternative but to continue in the struggle for true liberty. Around him, more important noblemen and personal friends, including Roman Catholics, sacrifice their lives for the cause, at some point leaving few of William’s original friends alive. Nevertheless, Charlotte de Bourbon keeps encouraging her hero to endure all the crises. When the Dutch city of Leyden is under siege, William becomes seriously ill. Will the cause have to be given up? Meanwhile, King Philip is furious because he cannot get rid of William. Everyone on his black list is dead except the most important figure: William of Orange. In a fury, he publishes a Ban, giving his permission to dispose of his arch enemy in any way possible. The King is certain someone will kill William, after all, he offered a huge reward: a high position, wealth, fame… Will King Philip’s plan succeed?

Paperback, 312 pages, Black and white illustrations

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