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The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology

A Comparative Analysis

by Waters, Guy Prentiss

The questions are not new. What is a covenant? What does it mean when it is said that God is triune? How many biblical covenants be said to relate to the decree, or to one another? May one speak of a “covenant of works”? Federal Vision theologians are trying to give answers to these and other questions but have raised concerns among other Reformed and Presbyterian ministers. In his comparative and critical study of “Federal Vision”, the author contrasts it with traditional covenant theology. The book’s author acknowledges that the new FV theologians truly desire to be biblical in their understanding and presentation of the Christian (and Reformed) faith. In his study, he advances the discussion along biblical lines “in the bond of peace,” notes one of the book’s reviewers, doing the Reformed community a great service by providing a detailed and well documented survey and a penetrating analysis of the so-called Federal Vision, notes another.

Paperback, 432 pages, Bibliography, notes, index

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