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Het Vaderlandse Geschiedenis Boek Het Vaderlandse Geschiedenis Boek

by Delen, K., Brood, P.,

1600, Battle at Nieuwpoort. The dates were drilled into anyone attending Dutch schools, at least till the late 1950s by droning a list of such events. Less obvious was where Nieuwpoort was located and who the combatants were and which side won (in Flanders, Prince Maurice won but barely defeated the Spaniards). After decades, we remember dates such as 1568, 1672 and 1795 but what about 1848 and 1898? This book provides answers, along with over 400 photographs, allowing its readers to put their own collective history in a better context. The Dutch national history is also the history experienced as news of the day by ancestors and their neighbours, at home and abroad. Often it is forgotten that Dutch history impacted other nations, and visa versa.

Hardcover, 448 pages, Illustrated with 210 colour and 210 b/w photographs, Dutch text, Special Import

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