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Nederlanders, Japanners, Indonesiers Nederlanders, Japanners, Indonesiers

Een opmerkelijke tentoonstelling

by Somers, Erik, Rijpma, Stance, editors

Those interested in Dutch history quickly discover a vast amount of foreign influences in every period of Dutch history, from the Romans in pre-medieval times to Afghanistan and WWII issues involving Japan and the former Dutch East Indies in current political debates. It should not surprise any one to discover a title such as this one among the list of books available to you. This book complimented a traveling exhibit held in 2001 to acknowledge the four centuries of ties between the Dutch, the Japanese and the Indonesians, which was shown in the Netherlands and Japan. The trading ties became very complex as a result of the WWII experience when an imperialistic Japan overran the Dutch East Indies, where it slowly starved the Dutch and most other Europeans in make-shift forced labour and segregated male and female concentration camps. Japanese war veterans generally object to their negative reputation among the Dutch survivors of the occupation, which was also very harsh towards the Indonesians. Dutch and Japanese visitors to the exhibit wrote their comments in guest books of which some have been included in this volume.

Paperback, 144 pages, Illustrated with over 30 b/w photographs, Dutch text, Special import

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