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Piraten Encyclopedie Piraten Encyclopedie

by Zuidhoek, Arne

The rise of the The Netherlands as a nation can be attributed, in no small measure, to its ability to sail the waters, from rivers and lakes to coastal European waters to the seas and oceans of the world. Entrepreneurs from coastal ports searched the world for fine trading opportunities. This pursuit had its dark side too, piracy. In the 80-year conflict with Spain, sea captains belonging to the band of Watergeuzen held, until 1572, piracy letters issued by Prince William the Taciturn and his brother. The author, a noted Dutch maritime historian, compiled a list of over 1000 Dutch and Flemish seafarers, from Francois Abbeville and Jan Abels of Dokkum to Abraham van der Zaen of Zeeland and Andre Zekerman, who merit his attention for their illustrious exploits.

Paperback, 203 pages,

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