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Het Zeeland Boek Het Zeeland Boek

by Sijnke, Peter

A very unique province deserves a very unique book. The former islands have a largely untold history in the larger context of the Dutch experience, yet are very much part of it, particularly the trading, maritime and naval components. The author presents the Zeeland experience in 350 brief stories accompanied by remarkable illustrations. Zeeland is more than The Flood of 1953 (it was one in a long series of such tragedies), armed conflicts (in 1940 and 1944) and other calamities. It also has its share of folk tales and legends, such as a Byzantine princess, Veere witches, a master fraudster who married the daughter of a local mayor and a soccer goalie nicknamed the ‘Black Panther’ (zwarte panter). A proficient publicist, the author regularly is involved in radio and television documentaries of his home province where he works at the archives.

Hardcover, 365 pages, illustrated with 275 full colour and 100 b/w photographs, Dutch text, Special Import

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