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From martyr to muppy From martyr to muppy

A historical introduction to cultural assimilation processes of a religious minority in the Netherlands: the Mennonites

by Hamilton, Alastair, Voolstra, Sjouke, Visser, Piet, Editors

From Martyr to Muppy deals with a topical theme: the way in which cultural and religious minorities adapt to our society, either fully retaining or partly abandoning their identities. This book presents the recent findings about the assimilation history of the Dutch Mennonites from c. 1530 from a multi-disciplinary point of view. The Polish, North American and Dutch contributions aim at a wide reading audience which might be interested in the history of Dutch culture, literature and mentality, as well as in its church history.

Paperback, 243 pages,

USD 42.95 / CAD 56.95

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