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A Loyal Huguenot Maid A Loyal Huguenot Maid

by Comrie, Margaret S.

Azerole, a young Protestant fugitive, was serving as a maid at Castle Brianza at Piedmont and as governess to Madame de Rohanís crippled and sickly foster son Christophy. Every one else at Castle Brianza was ardently Roman Catholic including Madameís son Gaston, who served in the French army. A fiery Roman Catholic, he tolerated no Protestants. When Azeroleís brother Michel unexpectedly appears on the scene, a new danger lurks. Would the two young Huguenots remain safe under the roof and shadow of Castle Brianza? Historical fiction, with a timeline from 1686-1690. Ages 12 and up. The eighth volume in the Huguenot Inheritance Series.

Paperback, 286 pages, Illustrated

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