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The Carpenter of Zerbst The Carpenter of Zerbst

by De Zeeuw, P. and Gzn, J.

Otto Maehler was forbidden to join the procession to meet Johan Tetzel, the peddler of indulgences, who was coming to the town of Zerbst. Otto’s father called Tetzel a blasphemer, and after telling the people so at church, he lost favour with the town magistrates. Despite the fury of the magistrates, Otto’s father also chose to offer the controversial Martin Luther the cup of honour when he came to town. But the consequences were harsh. Although their lives were spared, they were expelled from Zerbst to a very uncertain future…. Join Otto’s family in this historical novel by well-known Dutch author P. de Zeeuw and read how they were cared for….

Paperback, 82 pages, Some illustrations

USD 7.95 / CAD 9.95

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