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Leven met het water in de IJsseldelta Leven met het water in de IJsseldelta

by Coster, Wim

At one time, the area around the Eastern Dutch city of Zwolle and neighbouring Kampen was served by as many as twelve diking districts, in Dutch known as ‘waterschappen.’ In 1970 they merged into Waterschap IJsseldelta, a district covering 23,000 hectares. In 1997, another re-organization created a still larger entity called Waterschap Groot Salland. The object is the same, however: to keep the IJsseldelta livable. With this book, the diking history of the region is now well-documented, with answers to questions such as whose interest was served, who paid the upkeep, and who had decision power, where and why dikes were built, and why pumping stations were constructed as well as the areas charted. The author also surveyed those who serviced the ‘waterschappen,’ the builders and contractors, the printers and the barkeepers who provided facilities for meetings. The book’s subject is representative of other areas in the Netherlands.

Paperback, 160 pages, Illustrated, notes, charts, special import, Dutch language

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