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Hooibergen in Nederland Hooibergen in Nederland

Geschiedenis en behoud van een agrarisch cultuurmonument

by Jurgens, S., Jansen, M., Lanphen, W.

For centuries, Dutch farmers stored their hay in an open-air structure capped by a height adjustable, thatched roof. The ‘hooiberg’ –every dairy farm had at least one a short walk away from the indoor cow stalls inside the main farm building- marked the rural regions in the Netherlands where they once filled a crucial role in the storage of hay and straw. With changing farming methods, the ‘hooiberg’ lost its function and frequently faced neglect and demolition. These days however, ‘hooibergen’ have regained a role, due to their new cultural heritage designation, even attracting fan clubs, which spearhead efforts to restore the remaining ‘hooibergen.’ Some are now used for overnight stays in the hay! In their book, the authors survey the rise of the ‘hooiberg’ as an agricultural facility, its history and the regional differences. This book can be used as (armchair) guide for a ‘hooibergen’ tour, but also provides information for those wanting to pen their family history (if it includes farming).

Paperback, 192 pages, Illustrated, bibliography, list of words unique to ‘hooibergen,’ special import, Dutch language.

USD 23.95 / CAD 29.95

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