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Your King is Coming Your King is Coming

The Bible narrated for young adults, Volume 3

by Meesters, Wolf

This series of five volumes (unfortunately, volume I is out of print already), assumes some knowledge of the Bible and is targeting adolescents. It provides a wealth of Scriptural information in an easily comprehensible, story-like style. While it is light reading, it is also both instructive and spiritually rewarding. Reading and rereading these volumes can, with the Lordís blessing, reward the reader, including newcomers to the faith, with greater insight into the history of Godís self-revelation. Thus it also instills into the reader a stronger desire to know and love Jesus Christ. He stands at the centre of the history of salvation and continues to call out to young people: ďGive me your heart.Ē This volume deals with the end of the reign of King David through to the times of the kings and the prophets, and the events leading to the exile of Israel and Judah, Godís care of the exiles, and their return to rebuild Jerusalem.

Hardcover, 319 pages, Illustrated with black and white plates

USD 29.95 / CAD 29.95

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