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Concise Reformed Dogmatics Concise Reformed Dogmatics

by van Genderen, J., and Velema, W.H.

A full treatment of Reformed systematic theology that is accessible to theologians as well as interested lay readers, teachers and students of theology. Formatted in two visually distinct levels of discussion for use as an introduction or for more in-depth study. The appearance of this work in English is most welcome. Written from a confessionally Reformed Christian perspective, with a special affinity for the work of Calvin and Herman Bavinck, the authors are alert to contemporary issues and problems without obscuring their primary concern to show the biblical basis of doctrines. Without sacrificing depth, it succeeds admirably with the wider circle of readers it has in view. A $59.95 value. NOW on sale!

Paperback, 944 pages,

USD 33.95 / CAD 39.95

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