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The Elder The Elder

Today's Ministry Rooted in all of Scripture

by Van Dam, Cornelis

The eldership is a very old and wonderful gift of God to His people. The author, a professor in the Old Testament, in this book paints the grand biblical narrative of this office from its beginnings in the Old Testament. Today’s church cannot afford to ignore God’s instructions for the functioning of the office of elder (helpful to ministers and deacons as well). It continues to be God’s blessing today - but only if understood and enacted according to his pattern. Reviewer and host of the nationally syndicated broadcast of The White Horse Inn radio program Michael Horton calls the book “a ‘must’ for Elders or those about to become Elders - deculturalizes the office - attends to OT texts relating to the office - addresses how to develop Elders in office - shows helpful disciplinary guidance.” Rooted in the deep soil of Reformed faith and practice, rediscovering the Elder is also a treasure at a time when much gets lost these days in translation from theory to practice.

Paperback, 320 pages, Notes, Indexes of Names and Places, as well of Scripture references, Bibliography and Questions for Reflection and Study.

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