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How Sleep the Brave! How Sleep the Brave!

by Hunter, James H.

The Scottish Covenanters endured harsh persecutions by the King’s Inquisition, but the mysterious name of the Black Avenger sent thrills of hope and courage to many of these tormented souls. The King’s captains and dragoons feared this elusive figure who aided the Covenanters at unexpected moments. Not surprisingly, the Black Avenger was a badly wanted man with faithful Presbyterians murdered on the spot or threatened with a touch of the thumbscrew or a place on the rack, if they did not disclose the hiding place of some sought-for Covenanters. Lady Marion Kennedy, the beautiful daughter of the Lord of Culzean Castle, was also threatened with such reprisals if she refused to marry Luis Salvador de Ferrari, the usurper of Fenwick Ha’, and supporter of the Inquisition. Instead, her heart longed for Duncan Fenwick, the rightful lord of Fenwick Ha’, who had been evicted for espousing the covenant cause. Lady Marion had not seen or heard from him for so long. Would she see him again and would he be able to evade the clutches of foster brother Luis? Would the Black Avenger be able to rescue her from a forced marriage to Luis? An exciting, fast-paced historical novel examining the events of Scottish history in 1688.

Paperback, 235 pages, Illustrated, ages 12 and up.

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