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A Vow to Love A Vow to Love

by Bouwman, C.

The author takes his readers on a journey through the Bible to discern what Godís plan for marriage initially was, how the fall into sin has twisted marriage, and how Godís plan has been restored though the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the process, he examines the role of husband and wife in marriage, the permanence of marriage and how to overcome trouble in marriage, the place of sexual intimacy, the timing and the size of the family, the impact of immorality on marriage, and so much more. He concludes that the time-tested Form of the Solemnization of Marriage, as found in the Book of Praise and used in Reformed churches, accurately summarizes Godís answers to the many questions facing those who enter marriage today. Each of the thirteen chapters ends with a series of points for further discussion.

Paperback, 183 pages, Notes, subjects and texts indexes.

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