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And No More Sorrow And No More Sorrow

The World War II Memoirs of Sonja Kiek Rosenstein Cohen

by Pelzman, Liliane

When the British first read about atrocities the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews in occupied Europe in 1943, they initially dismissed the reports as just a crude bit of wartime propaganda. The reality was far worse however, particularly for those who had no way to escape. The author’s mother Sonja was caught up in the events of the Holocaust, barely surviving the camps and making it back alive, in a circuitous way, to Amsterdam, numbed by the loss of all the loved ones who had not survived. Life ‘after’ was never the same, with always the same pall cast over every otherwise happy moment. The author ‘has taken a tale of human catastrophe and fashioned it into a deeply personal tale of redemption and forgiving,’ noted one critic. Another describes it as ‘a powerful story, beautifully told.’ The choice of historical image material, the use of everyday wartime memorabilia and archive documents add still more depth to this already impressive volume.

Hardcover, 196 pages, Hardcover with jacket, bibliography, well illustrated,

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