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The Victor of Nooitgedacht The Victor of Nooitgedacht

Volume 4

by Penning, Lawrence

Defeat and loss, ruin and devastation seem to be the order of the day for the Boers. Two of the book’s main characters, including Boer leader Jan Potgieter, find themselves in captivity, their village Wonderfontein pillaged and ruined, and its church desecrated. The reality of total defeat in all its starkness looms large as this ghastly war drags on. While the English Minister Brodrick assured British parliament that “never – but never - had a more civilized war been waged,” all the evidence showed that the British army engaged in a campaign against women, children, and the defenseless. When is it all going the end? What are the Boers going to do? The Victor of Nooitgedacht is the fourth volume of the Louis Wessels Commando series. Historical fiction. Its timeline is the year 1900.

Paperback, 135 pages, illustrated Part of the Louis Wessels Boer War Package

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