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The Scout of Christiaan de Wet The Scout of Christiaan de Wet

Volume 3

by Penning, Lawrence

The Boer War continued to ravage the South African provinces of the Orange Free State and Transvaal. The English invaders, emboldened by their troop surges, are relentless in their attacks on the Boers in their search for political control. The Afrikaners, however, refuse to submit and continue the struggle to hold onto their freedom. Louis Wessels, the young hunter, and Dutch immigrant Jan Tromp, transverse the Transvaal as scouts for General Christiaan de Wet, all the while defying danger, and confronting traitors. Will their mission succeed? Will they find a way out when they finally are trapped with seemingly no way to escape? The Scout of Christiaan de Wet is the third volume of the Louis Wessels Commando series. Historical fiction. Its timeline is the year 1900.

Paperback, 135 pages, illustrated, Part of the Louis Wessels Boer War Package

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