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'Koos' Michel 'Koos' Michel

Mijn verzet in de tweede wereldoorlog

by Scheepstra, S.E., editor

The WWII-resistance men of Wierden, in Overijssel, rattled nerves at the German occupation command centre with a well-executed railway derailment in May 1943, nearly three years after the German troops had invaded the Netherlands. Although some of the perpetrators were jailed briefly, the authorities never found out who actually had sabotaged this important railway connection with Germany. Carried out on the eve of the general call up of former soldiers to report for renewed POW captivity, the incident was the beginning of a very active resistance 'career' to 'Koos,' and his friend 'Klaas' (Dirk van Harten, who later emigrated to Canada). At first they worked together in a large number of heists of rationing documents, needed to obtain food supplies for people in hiding. The attention in the book to each major resistance act is especially interesting because 'Koos' thoughtfully reflects on them as well on the resistance in general. While written for his family, the book fills a void for those whose parent(s) were active in the resistance, but who never spoke about their involvement.

Paperback, 138 pages, Illustrations, indexes, Dutch text, Special import

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