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Een klooster ontsloten Een klooster ontsloten

De kroniek van Sint-Agnietenberg bij Zwolle

by Van Kempen, Thomas

The monastery near Zwolle has been torn down long ago but its legacy continues through one of the world’s most published books, the Imitation of Christ (in Dutch the Navolging van Christus). Far less known is the monk’s fascinating account of his earthly home near the banks of the River Vecht. Originally written in Latin, the book describes his 15th century institution, his pre-Reformation Modern Devotion order, life and the challenges at the cloister and his thoughts on a range of subjects, including his fellow brothers. Interestingly, the cemetery of the monastery still is in use, Bergklooster, one of the oldest in the region.

Hardcover, 264 pages, Illustrated, bibliography, notes, index, Dutch text.

USD 22.95 / CAD 29.95

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