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Vergeten levens Vergeten levens

Geschiedenissen van het Sallandse land

by Van de Wetering, Jan,

The book’s title which translates into Forgotten Lives examines the author’s ancestors over a period of several centuries. Initially, he prodding his aging mother for answers as her mind was slipping away and from then unearthed enough information on ancestors from various sources to write his book. The book basically focuses on Overijssel communities, Wilsum, Zalk and Dieze, all in the Zwolle vicinity and approaches his subject with the question: How did events such as loss of employment, flooding, the arrival of foreign soldiers, death and other tragedies, affect the common people, including his ancestors. The book is for family historians a must-read, certainly giving ideas for their own research but also how to turn dry genealogical data into a fascinating story. The book covers the period 1321-2000 with most attention paid to the 18th and 19th centuries. An ideal book for anyone wishing insight into their own Dutch family history and context for genealogical research in the Netherlands.

Paperback, 383 pages, Rare photographs, notes, index, Dutch text.

USD 22.95 / CAD 29.95

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