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Samenleven in het nieuwe land Samenleven in het nieuwe land

Een schets van de sociale, culturele en geestelijke ontwikkelingen in de Noordoostpolder 1942-1970

by Flokstra, Tjeerd

The early history of a young land. The Noordoostpolder (Northeastpolder), the largest recent Dutch reclamation project at that time, went dry in the very early 1940s. In 1941, the vanguard of polder pioneers arrived to literally take the shovel to virgin soil, digging ditches, putting in drainage pipes, sowing initial crops and taking care of an entire range of chores in the still empty land. Starting in 1945, carefully selected candidates, representing every strand of Dutch society, were enlisted to become workers as well as community builders. This book in an easy-to-read style relates how the new land quickly reflected general Dutch society, while building a unique character of its own.

Paperback, 286 pages, Numerous rare photographs, notes, bibliography, special import, Dutch text.

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