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NS 3737 Stoomlocomotief (1 to 50 ratio) no.14 NS 3737 Stoomlocomotief (1 to 50 ratio) no.14

Paper model bouwplaat 1:87


Part of the Railways Museum model series, bouwplaat 1:87. The ascent of the railway in the Netherlands improved passenger and freight traffic significantly, and linked previously isolated regions with the more densely populated western provinces. The railways built numerous bridges across the rivers, streams and canals which dissect the landscape of the country, in effect creating an entirely new range of landmarks. Additionally, architects designed a series of new railway stations of which some already have been designated as monuments. As the railway density in the country increased from decade to decade, the railway system employed an ever increasing number of people until the 1980s. Also in the North American Dutch community there are many whose families back home in one way or another made their living off the railways. This series of paper (quality light card stock) model kits allow railway enthusiasts to create their own souvenirs and in effect touch their family and transportation history. The paper model (quality light card stock) is rated for experienced builders. Instruction is in Dutch and English. A $19.95 value. NOW on sale!

USD 7.95 / CAD 10.95

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