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Dutch tug boat Hudson Dutch tug boat Hudson

Paper model bouwplaat 1:100


The vessel Hudson in various ways is representative of the famed Dutch maritime towing industry. Originally built for international high seas towing company L. Smit & Co., the Hudson was soon requisitioned by the British Admiralty in World War II. Under the command of Captain B.C. Weltevreden, the Hudson and its crew built a highly satisfactory service record. Its history is the subject of two books. From 1946 until 1962, the Hudson towed ships all over the world. Renamed Embro in 1962, it was decommissioned a year later and refurbished as a Stellendam-based fishery factory, the Johan-Dirk and again later as the Elizabeth. In 1989, the ship was rescued from the scrap yard by a former crew member and his enthusiastic helpers who re-invented, meticulously restored and re-launched the tug as a floating monument and museum. Link up with Dutch marine history by building your own tug! The paper model (quality light card stock) is rated for experienced builders. Instruction is in Dutch, German and English.

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