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Dutch freighter ss Salatiga or Samarinda, Sarangan Dutch freighter ss Salatiga or Samarinda, Sarangan

Paper model – bouwplaat 1:250


Water, the seas, lakes, rivers and canals along with bridges, aquaducts and tunnels as well as ships of all types are very much part of the story of the Netherlands, past and present. Water to the Dutch is a close friend and ally as well as a fierce enemy needing to be controlled and used to one’s best advantage. Lowlanders for over a millennium sailed up and down the European coast hauling freight, trading or buying merchandise. Numerous Dutch shipyards and wharfs made this activity possible until World War II interfered and this infrastructure in one way or another, was largely destroyed. To rebuild the Dutch merchant marine fleet (many ships were downed on the seas during enemy assaults) the U.S.A. sold 39 surplus convertible Victory class ships to the Dutch. The Groote Beer, the Waterman and the Zuiderkruis became passenger ships for troops and immigrants while the others, such as the Salatiga, named after villages in the Dutch East Indies, remained cargo ships. Link up with Dutch marine history by building your own fleet! The paper model (quality light card stock) is rated for experienced builders. Instruction is in Dutch and English.

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