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A Long Labour A Long Labour

A Dutch Mother’s Holocaust Memoir

by Shandler, Rhodea

In this unusual memoir, the author presents a Jewish mother’s view of life in the Netherlands during the WWII Nazi occupation. The book covers a period that ranges from the author’s youth in the 1920s up to the point of her departure for Canada in 1951 with her husband and five daughters. In 1943, Leeuwarden-born Rhodea (Dwinger) and her husband Ernst Bollegraaf went into hiding from the Nazis. Then they discovered that she was pregnant which greatly complicated the challenges of their already trying illegal situation. “While giving birth is normally life-affirming, to do so as a Jew hiding from the Nazis carried potentially fatal risks. Rhodea (….) was forced to accept agonizing compromises. Everyone interested in understanding the horrible domestic decisions which had to be made during the Holocaust should read this book.” – Dr. Graham Forst, Co-Founder, the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

Paperback, 176 pages, Illustrated with family album photos and more, index.

USD 20.95 / CAD 27.95

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