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From Bazooka to Bosnia From Bazooka to Bosnia

Sixty Years (non)Journalistic Experiences

by Verkijk, Dick

Foreword by Van der Stoel, Max, a former Dutch Foreign Affairs minister. Covering news events has been the life of this author who already at the age of fourteen had already become the co-publisher of a non-sanctioned publication in occupied Holland during WW2, transcribing news from radio broadcasts that were off-limits to Dutch households. Fortunately, he was never caught by the German occupiers for his forbidden activities. His career ended in 1995 after Milosevic’s regime expelled him from Yugoslavia as ‘an enemy of the Serbian people.’ As a journalist dedicated to human rights and freedom of the press, the author experienced firsthand – three times as a prisoner - the suppression by communist regimes, including the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. The author’s coverage for Dutch news agencies from behind the Iron Curtain, often involving a cat and mouse game with authorities, gave the free world an advance reading of developments under communism. This book also deals with the influence the fashionable “leftists” had on political decisions in the Netherlands and Western Europe in relation to communist regimes. A must read for anyone interested in the Cold War era and Eastern Europe.

Paperback, 388 pages, Illustrated, index.

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