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The Templars The Templars

Laying a legend to rest

by Ter Veen, Koert

The history of the secretive Roman Catholic Order of the Temple remains a fascinating one to many people. For a couple of centuries, the monk-soldiers of the order fought in the Middle East as Crusaders against the Muslims. The order which had accumulated significant holdings throughout Western Europe, including Brabant and Zeeland, to finance its activities was sought out by many rulers of the day to form strategic alliances. Eventually, a Frankish king outmaneuvered the order when the Pope agreed to abolish it. The demise of the secretive order fanned the legends which continue to play well in widely sold books. Claims such as the discovery by the Templars of the grave of Jesus and their early discovery of America, the controversies about the Turin Shroud and the Holy Grail all involve the Templers one way or another. The author in his very impressive, elaborate and richly illustrated book traces the history of the Templars and critically examines their significance, their reputation, the legends and the claims made by organizations (Freemasons for one) as well as by various authors. He draws surprising conclusions. Special Import.

Paperback, 328 pages, Maps, illustrated, bibliography, index.

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