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Het Streekdrachten Boek Het Streekdrachten Boek


Customs and traditions vary from village to village in the Netherlands. In the late 1890s there were already concerns that, for example, klederdrachten, the traditional clothing which had their own unique local and sometimes regional features, should be preserved. Within days of her inauguration, Queen Wilhelmina visited an Amsterdam exhibit where over 400 such outfits were displayed. Fifty years later, following her abdication, she visited a similar exhibit. Meanwhile, a group of history conscious individuals founded the Openluchtmuseum (Open Air Museum at Arnhem) as the venue to preserve the remaining outfit collection… and much more. In addition to numerous costumes, this volume also pays close attention to the customs that belonged to this cultural phenomena, showing many costume details as well as close ups of embroidery. The book also provides insight into the industry that supported costume related maintenance and services, which involved many people. Dutch text, Special import.

Hardcover, 415 pages, About 400, mostly colour photographs, word list, bibliography.

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