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Opmars naar Rotterdam Opmars naar Rotterdam

by Brongers, E.H.

Volume 1 – De luchtlanding Volume 2 – Van Maas tot Moerdijk Volume 3 – De laatste fase The author, a Dutch military historian, minutely traces the May 1940 events of the German invasion of the Netherlands which culminated in the terror bombing of Rotterdam. This act of brutality highlights German frustration with the unexpectedly tenacious Dutch resistance they had run up against. A was the first time in history that an invader simultaneously used tanks, fighter planes and bombers as well as airborne troops, all designed to ‘blitz’ the Dutch into surrender. Instead, the Germans suffered heavy losses and incurred significant delays in realizing their objective, the capture of The Hague. German military documents reveal that taking Rotterdam was not their primary goal. The invasion was part of a larger scheme which also included France. The author critically compared all available Dutch, German and French battle reports, diaries, command studies and publications, the official as well as the non-official ones, to establish a trustworthy and objective presentation of this traumatic episode in Dutch history. A $74.95 value. NOW on sale!

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