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Tulipmania Tulipmania

Money, Honor, and Knowledge in the Dutch Golden Age

by Goldgar, Anne

The meteoric rise and subsequent crash of the Dutch tulip trade in the 1600s, popularly known as Tulipmania, continues to be used in newspaper articles and financial newsletters that warn of the risks of trading in overcharged markets. Economists such as John Kenneth Gailbraith referred to it in his book A Short History of Financial Euphoria. However, author Anne Goldgar in her book puts those tulip-studded warnings in another context and tiptoes through her subject matter point by point, proving that numerous writers failed to fully research their claims. Instead, the author in this book shows that the ’crash of 1637’ did not turn the Dutch away from the tulip trade, which continues to this day. Delightfully written, Tulipmania turns the exaggerations of an early media event into an exploration of seventeenth century values and anxieties.

Hardcover, 425 pages, Richly illustrated, notes, bibliography, index.

USD 21.95 / CAD 29.95

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