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Cinderella Army Cinderella Army

The Canadians in Northwest Europe, 1944-1945

by Copp, Terry

The author, a military historian, in this book examines the role of Canadian troops in the context of the overall Allied effort to end Hitler’s conquest. The Canadians played a crucial role in clearing the Netherlands of the German occupation. Coming up the Belgian coast, Canadian forces inched their way under very trying circumstances across the Scheldt estuary, where the Breskens Pocket proved to be a major challenge. To get to the Delfzijl Pocket, the last major action on Dutch soil, would take another five months and many more Canadian casualties. No doubt it will surprise the Dutch that there are historians who have been underrating the Canadian WWII military contribution. The author who visited all the battle sites (also those in the Netherlands) refutes those negative evaluations and in the process presents a fine book which includes the history of the Liberation of the Netherlands by ‘very ordinary Canadians.’ A $31.95 value. NOW on sale!

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