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The Netherlands Reformed Church The Netherlands Reformed Church


by Blei, Karel

On the eve of the merger of the Netherlands Reformed Church (NHK) with the smaller Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (GKNs), the author, who served it as NHK’s General Secretary for some years, surveys this union process by correctly first tracing the roots of his denomination and its history up to very recent times. The development of factions and the influence of various theologians are noted in broad strokes in this introductory type of overview. For those who left the NHK for North America, the book will allow them to catch up in this presentation. "This brisk book, while following its narrow topic – the history of the Netherlands Reformed Church – manages at the same time to function as a prism of western history itself. The author moves from the era of Luther and Calvin to today's consumer society, in which, as he states, one 'shops and fills one's own cart' so that each person 'puts together his own spiritual package.' I can't imagine a more thoughtful overview of the topic." – Russel Shorto, author of The Island at the Center of the World.

Paperback, 176 pages, Index

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