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Wings of Change Wings of Change

A Dutch Immigrant's Journey

by Bozuwa, Titia

Wings of Change is a story about becoming; it is about becoming American, becoming a parent, and embracing life with exuberance. It is a memoir about one woman's experience emigrating as a young person from Holland to the United States and the challenges she faced as she acclimated to a rural New Hampshire way of life. It is about her unflinching love for her husband and children and the adventures that tested and taught them along the way. The tale begins in Holland in the 1950's when, with a mix of trepidation and great faith, newlywed Titia Bozuwa emigrates to the United States with her optimistic and adventure-loving husband whose dream is to practice general medicine in a small town. Though the lens of her Dutch background, Bozuwa share keen insights on America's openness and freedom, revels in the generosity and eccentricity of her New Hampshire neighbours, and makes wry observations about the ways in which cultures collide. Through her storytelling the reader is always aware of Bozuwa's two cultures: the more formal social structures of her beloved Holland and the beauty and promise of her home in rural New Hampshire.

Paperback, 281 pages, Illustrated

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