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Son of Secession Son of Secession

Douwe J. Vander Werp

by Sjaarda Sheeres, Janet

The book challenges the understanding of the historical origins of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) as well as the church today. The author has written a moving, sympathetic, and exciting biography of one of the key figures in the Secession of 1834 (in Dutch de Afscheiding) and a principal leader in the early development of the CRCNA. Credited with having founded ten congregations, Rev. Vander Werp was a man zealously committed to his understanding of Godís Word and its implications for his life, even when it required the painful sacrifice of three secessions. The rare book is part of The Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America (RCA).

Paperback, 231 pages, Illustrated, notes, bibliography, index. Limited supply!

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