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The Yankee Dutch world of Loe Verlak,

by Nieland, Dirk

This very popular book has given Dutch immigrants and their offspring much enjoyment over the decades. The new, enhanced edition is a ‘celebration of Yankee Dutch,’ the colourful language used by tens of thousands of Netherlanders after immigrating to America. Written in peculiar immigrant English, the book recounts the humorous adventures of Loe Verlak, the prototypical Dutch immigrant, who gets into all sorts of “funny business.” Fourteen vignettes touch on a wide variety of Dutch life, from Sunday school picnics to everyday jobs to the joys and trials of marriage. PLEASE NOTE, THAT THIS BOOK IS ALREADY OUT OF PRINT. WE HAVE JUST ONE COPY AVAILABLE FOR SALE.

Paperback, 168 pages, A foreword (in plain English) and an extensive vocabulary chart add a picturesque glimpse into Dutch immigrant enclaves that since have been transformed by the passage of time. The book along with its audio CD will delight anyone interested in Dutch American people, language, and culture. Iillustrated with pen drawings, includes a 33-minute audio CD

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